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Rug repairs allow your rug to come back to life and become fully functional again. Our rug repairs include patching holes, reduction in size, overcasting (securing) the ends and sides of the rug, new fringes or spot dyeing.

Rug Repair Wisconsin

When choosing someone to repair your rug it is important that they know how to properly handle your rug. If a repair is not properly executed or inconsistent with the quality of the rug, it can severely damage the rug’s beauty and value. Here at Kerns, we have our own rug repair specialist in the building. They will identify the proper steps to take and they will inform you, not try to sell you. We are capable of several different rug repairs from minor touch ups to more intricate repairs. We will always make the smartest decision and take the proper precautions to ensure that your rug always comes out looking better.

When we create a plan for the degree of repair is needed, we consult with you and inform you on what we feel is best for your rug and allow you to weigh out your options. When we create a plan we consider market value, how much the repair will cost, and also what the value of the rug will be after the repair is done. Not only do we consider all of these factors, we also share this information with you to help you make the best choice.

A Glance at our Repair

➤ Binding
➤ Overcasting
➤ Fringe Repair
➤ Patching Holes
➤ Dried Latex Repair
➤ Tufted Rug Repair
➤ Re-weaving
➤ Re-sizing

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