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Carpet Cleaning Wisconsin


Gentle dusting before shampooing. It is important to get ground in dust and loose dirt out before we shampoo.

Carpet Cleaning Wisconsin


Deep cleaning. Our facility allows us to professionally shampoo your delicate rugs for best results.

Carpet Cleaning Wisconsin


Magikist power rinse. A proper rinse is the only way to assure all of the shampoo, dirt and oil is removed.

Carpet Cleaning Wisconsin


A two part process. Our facility allows for a two part drying process. The first squeezes the water from your rug to allow for an easy clean air dry as the second step.

Why choose Kerns Carpet Cleaning?

Our rug cleaning process is the best you can get in the business for many reasons. We possess a very unique facility that uses a specialized and gentle Oriental/Area Rug Cleaning system that will leave your rugs truly clean and undamaged. What makes us different from rug dealers and other basic carpet cleaning companies is that we focus on the chemistry and science of rug cleaning. We are constantly looking to improve our cleaning techniques to always ensure the best results for your rug. We provide you with the service that you deserve, when you choose us you can rest assured that your rug is being handled the right way and will always come back truly clean.

Kerns is your top choice for a thorough area rug cleaning because we never attempt to clean the rug in your home. Proper rug cleaning requires a controlled environment that will assure your rug is cleaned carefully and completely without causing any damage to your home. We provide optimal environment control to eliminate any situations that may occur during the rug cleaning.

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